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I'm going to tell you about myself and how fitness and coaching changed my life.  It may sound cheesy, but it's an important story because it shows that I've been there, done that.


Was there a time that someone commented on your looks or your weight, and it just sticks with you? 


The first I can remember was when I was in 9th grade. I was waiting at the bus stop, and a boy told me I had big thighs.  It was really hurtful. 


That was probably the first time I ever really thought about my shape.   I did have bigger thighs.  I've never had a thigh gap.  Ever.  Since my teens, I've been a bit of a curvy girl.  But it is who I am.


Growing up, we moved a lot.  I was born in the small Texas town of Dalhart.  I've lived all over Texas from Amarillo, Clear Lake (Houston), El Paso to Georgetown (Austin).  Hutto, Texas, has been home since 2000.


I've seen and experienced a lot of different things in these cities!  I learned to drive in Houston.  I've seen gang fights, gang jump-ins, been on lock-down because of drive-by shootings.  I learned to make friends, keep to myself, adjust to my surroundings, and to be responsible.


I was in a different school almost every year.  I didn't play team sports.  However, I did enjoy dance class.  I took dance at every school I attended. 


In all of these places, it was just me, my brother, and my mom.  My mom worked a lot to make ends meet.  So I had to learn to cook.  What did this teen cook best???  Hamburger Helper!  I was not the best cook.  Ask my brother!


My mom and my dad's mom were awesome cooks!  We did grow up with a lot of fried foods.  Chicken fried steak, fried potatoes...oh and mashed potatoes with gravy!  My mom said when I was little, I wouldn't eat unless there were gravy. forward a few years and I moved out when I was 18 and me and my boyfriend at the time got an apartment.  I still wasn't a good cook.  And he was a picky eater.  We had a lot of Hamburger Helper and chicken fajitas.  I always enjoyed dance classes and joined a local Jazzercise and would attend before going to work.


When I was 22, I had my daughter.  My weight gain was pretty average, and I lost it fairly quickly.  I did learn to cook more, and I stopped working out.  A few years later, I had my son.  I gained a significant amount of weight this time.  And after he was born, I struggled to lose it. I tried the South Beach Diet, but I loved carbs, so that didn't last long and went back to eating whatever I wanted.  I would ride my bike, but I really wasn't physically active and had two small kids and not much time for it.


For the first year after my son was born, I was in pain frequently and having ultrasounds, and right after his 1st birthday, I had a complete hysterectomy. 


I was 26 and going through menopause. 


I had no idea what that would do to my body.  I found myself gaining weight, mainly in my stomach. I joined a gym but found it intimidating.  I didn't really know what to do and felt uncomfortable.  I found that I really enjoyed spin class and a couple of friends would go with me, and that made it fun!  I lost some weight and felt better, but I still wasn't where I wanted to be.


A friend had told me about a local boot camp, so I decided to try it out and LOVED it!  I was going three times a week, and feeling awesome.


After a couple of months, the trainer announced he was opening up a small private group to work out with him an hour a day, six days, and week with a diet to get results.  The diet consisted of eating 5-6 times per day and was limited to 28 foods.  After four weeks, I was down 9% body fat.  I was the leanest I had been in years!  But I wanted food!


I took a break from the hard training and strict diet and didn't maintain for long, so I did it again.  And again.  Then I decided to try something new and started CrossFit.  That was fun, challenging, and intense, but it was short-lived. 


I was introduced to Precision Nutrition and their coaching program.  This program gives you a coach, habits with a curriculum to teach you, and tools to dig deep inside yourself to change from within.  It only opens in January and July, and I signed up for a year and created a much better relationship with myself and food.  I knew I needed structure, accountability, and support. Having a coach gave me those things, and so much more! 


No meal plans, no sales pitches for supplements, equipment, or anything else...just real-life habit change.


About a year later, in 2013, I went through a divorce.  I ate and drank my emotions. 


I stopped caring about me.  I didn't care what I ate or drank or if I worked out as long as it helped numb the pain.


Needless to say, that results in weight gain.  I gained over 60 pounds in a year.   I reached the highest weight I had ever been to.  I bought bigger clothes to hide in.  Everything I had practiced with my coach went out of the window.  It wasn't that I had forgotten my healthy habits, but during the life change I went through, I created some unhealthy new habits.


In 2014 I started dating an awesome and supportive guy, and now he is my husband, and life was good, but I wasn't comfortable with how my body had changed.   I needed some accountability, so I decided to go through the coaching program again.  I was on a new path, and I wanted to get back to what I knew and enjoyed. 


But this time, as I worked on changing my habits and working out, I also decided that I wanted to be a coach.  I enrolled in PN's educational course so I could become a coach myself. 


As I said before, I'm a nurturer.  I thought I wanted to be a teacher (ended up working in accounting), I took care of my brother when I was a teen, married young, had kids young...I've always taken care of others, and it's natural, and I enjoy it. 


Having a coach showed me that I could take care of myself and others. 


As a coach myself, I focus on what I can do with and for you.  I'm there with you every day.  I show you how to make healthy, positive changes with habit-based coaching. 


I know what it's like to need and want the accountability of someone who understands.   I am here for you and on the journey with you!


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